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Real Estate Agents

can ADD Six-Figures

to your current income

working probate real estate


Free PDF Download, 3 Part Probate Foundational Training Videos Webinars &


Ray M. / Broker

My business hit a ceiling, I had won some accolades and was selling a lot of homes but I couldn't get past a certain point. Working with Gary and learning Gary's system adding my local probate market to my business I've added an extra 6 figures to my annual income. Also, I've learned how to approach probate homes as an investor for my own portfolio


Elise N. / Realtor

Gary's coaching and teaching style make it easy to grasp and apply his techniques. I wasn't a new agent, I had an established business working expired, FSBO's and absentee owers but Gary showed me how to put together off-market deals with probates dealing with less competition...
 Plus, he's a great guy and a lot of fun to work with. 


Tim F. / Broker

I was Gary's broker at one time and his production with probates was always top of the company. Even during a down market, his probate production was steady. That caught my attention most. Gary taught me how probate real estate is a recession-proof real estate niche and if you work probates correctly, the way Gary teaches you can recession-proof your business.

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