The DF Probate System was created by Re/Max Hall of Fame / eXp Top Producing Agent, Gary DiGrazia Sr who, is known nationwide as "Mr. Probate"

Gary D's system comes with over 30 years of probate real estate experience and in his system manual you will have a clear step by step explanation for how you can find, buy, sell, list, flip and farm homes in probate. 


The 118 page system manual will cover...

✓ Wholesaling Probate Real Estate       
✓ NO Court Confirmation of Sale
✓ Retailing Probate Real Estate                                          
✓ NO Court Commission Approval
✓ Assignment Options                                                         
✓ NO Court Appraisal
✓ PR/Executor(seller) Financing                                      
✓ NO Court Over-Bid
✓ Explosive Marketing/Prospecting Concepts                  
✓ Work UNDER the MLS
✓ 5 Ways to Earn Income from Probate Homes              
✓ Double End Most Transactions
✓ Get Paid even when your offer is rejected                   
✓ Close in 30 Days



  • Supplemental Documents

  • Addendums

  • Probate Contract

[BOOK ONLY] Diamond Farming Probate Real Estate System

  • You will access to download Gary's Diamond Farming Probate System Manual.

[COMPLETE SYSTEM] DF Probate Real Estate System



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