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As a recognized leader in Probate Real Estate and ReMax Hall of Fame Realtor with over 40 years of experience, Gary delivers his proven, unique and powerful probate real estate system to agents & investors around the country, with currently over 3,000 students in every state plus Canada.

Today, Gary still makes his living buying and selling probates, NOT selling this system. There are many people that can speak about Real Estate and probate, getting you to the files, but not many can actually teach it and help you understand how to close the sale and earn income. This is what Gary is the best at.

Topics Covered in The DF System:
✓ Wholesaling Probate Real Estate       
✓ NO Court Confirmation of Sale
✓ Retailing Probate Real Estate                                          
✓ NO Court Commission Approval
✓ Learn How To Access you local superior court Probate Files                                                         
✓ NO Court Appraisal
✓ PR/Executor(seller) Financing                                      
✓ NO Court Over-Bid
✓ Explosive Marketing/Prospecting Concepts                  
✓ Work UNDER the MLS

✓ 5 Ways to Earn Income from Probate Homes              
✓ Double End Most Transactions                   
✓ Close in 30 Days

The Complete System

  • 118 Page Instruction Manual

  • Supplemental Documents

  • Prospecting Scripts

  • Addendums

  • Probate Contract

  • DF Probate Membership

  • ONDEMAND Access to dozens of training videos

  • Probate Prospecting Set Up Manual

  • Email Access to "the Gary's"



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