About Diamond Farming Probate Real Estate Systems

I have been selling real estate in Alameda County of California since 1974, Co-owned a real estate office and have been with ReMax since 2003. Since 1987, my niche has been Probate Real Estate. I have experience with REO's and Trustee Sales also, when the market dictates, but my main focus for over 25 years has been probate real estate.  I authored a best selling probate investing book "Diamond Farming-Probate Real Estate" and have many students (investors and agents) across the USA. My New Book " $ix Figure Probate$"  is about ready to publish and the Live Seminar schedule will soon be released. Be sure to Join the "Probate Inner Circle" to get FREE Probate Tips Sent To Your Inbox!

I'm at a point in my career now where although I enjoy the art of a probate deal, I enjoy teaching others how to have success in this niche. Let my 25 plus years show you how to deal with new executors, trustee, REO asset managers and buyers of probate real estate.  I have been interviewed by most of the major newspapers, radio shows and featured in best selling real estate books like "Free And Clear" by John Reed.

Besides my professional real estate career I enjoy building additional busiensses. Traveling and spending time with my family. I like taking off on my Harley with my wife for a ride and playing music with some of my good friends.

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